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We know there is no substitute for professional experienced equipment operators when it comes to working on our client sites - for such a safety critical role - both in maximising our machines production time - to get the job done safely, whilst minimising any risk exposure and reducing cost.

Huntley supports and complements their machines with a pool of skilled Heavy Lift Telehandler and 360 slew Roto operators - Who have all passed a CITB Health safety and environment test within two years and whose test is still current have a good understanding of written and spoken English (because some may be Scots or even Welsh!)

Part of that pool has PTS (Personal Track Safety) Certificates as well and will have had experience in working in the Electricity and National Grid Networked transmission industry.

All Drivers working for Huntley are expected to receive site specific induction training to learn the safety aspects of our respective client?s job and what the hiring company expects of its workers on site.

With the combination of the best machines best drivers and industry best practise. Nothing is Impossible.